Diamond Loop Tour Route


Winding through a variety of high desert habitats, the Diamond Loop Tour Route offers wildlife watching, the historic Round Barn and the fascinating formations of the Diamond Craters. Your route will commence with the Diamond Loop Tour, travel through the town of Diamond, and end with the Diamond Craters.

1. Along the Marsh

The refuge offers a wonderful opportunity for viewing a variety of bird species from waterfowl and shorebirds to hawks and eagles, to mule deer and antelope.

2. Diamond in the Rough

Diamond is a small ranching community that takes its name from rancher Mace McCoy’s Diamond brand. It was originally established as a major supply center for ranchers, but today all that remains is the recently renovated Hotel Diamond, a store and a few residences. Near Diamond, you can view the Kiger Mustangs, which are believed to closely resemble the horses brought to North America by the Spaniards in the late 16th century.

3. Historic Round Barn

The Pete French Round Barn was built in the late 1870’s, and was originally used for breaking horses during long eastern Oregon winters. A recently constructed Visitor Center at the site offers exhibits and souvenirs.

4. Diamond Craters

Diamond Craters Outstanding Natural Area is home to some of America’s most diverse basaltic volcanic formations. A self-guided tour highlights Lava Pit Crater, Graben Dome and other noteworthy features of the site.

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